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I am currently on a European vacation with my husband!  I have been instagramming away if you want to see mor pics ( This trip is more of a honeymoon since we eloped in March.  It will be a three week adventure.  We start in Switzerland, then Italy, and fly out of Paris.  

I am SO glad we decided to pack light.  Just a small daypack and a tote/purse for each of us.  I packed a lightweight gauzy top, gauzy dress, linen pants, and leggings.  A few potions for the skin and hair and that's about it!  I left room for flea market finds in Paris of course!



I am currently on Swiss time, high up in the Alps.  You can see more photos by following my Instagram (



I just completed my first business class thanks to the wonderful community of Skillshare.  Andie Powers from Assemble Shop & Studio gave a wonderful introductory online class.  It was a great time to reflect and solidify my ideas.  But more importantly it was a great lesson into why like-minded community is important for the creative soul.  I felt motivated and supported by the feedback and support from my classmates.  She also introduced us to Go Mighty, a great online community to post and share your goals and how you reach them.  You should really check it out if you have not already.  Follow my goals here.


I used to paint fabric with my mom when I was a kid.  She used to paint our pajamas and clothing with her watercolor textile paints.  The pajamas I remember most are a pair my brother had.  They were cotton long-johns painted purple and blue with planets and stars all over.  I wish I had a picture to share.  I may have to make pair for myself!


Here she is!  In the past, this 100 year old industrial Singer machine stitched parachutes and uniforms.  In the present it will stich my leather designs.

How did I get here?  Well, I had a lot of fears about starting my own handmade business.  But when I saw this lady, I knew it was time to jump in head first.

I'm in!