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I am a little late to release a lookbook for fall....but I will anyway....I am still working on getting a layout to work with my website.  This has proved to be VERY challenging.  The template I use is not updated to support a slideshow, so I now need to be creative and display the images a different way. Be patient, it will come!  Better late than never right?

(photo by:  Cristie Schrader)



I am pleased to announce Scoutmob will be stocking a selection of Pine & Boon bags and pouches!  Scoutmob helps customers find local makers with their handy search by city feature.  They have a great selection of makers at great prices.  The Scoutmob team has a really up-beat and sparkly attitude.  When I receive an email from them or read the bio they wrote about me, I suddenly feel a burst of energy!  I especially love this quote:

"The smart sizing, lightweight nature and thoughtful little details delight her customers--giving them a timeless, well-crafted work of art they can carry around every single day."

Click here to shop.  Enjoy!



It has been a bit quiet around here....But all for really great reasons.  I just spent the weekend working on a photo shoot for the website and a look book.  My lovely neighbor (and friend) is a talented photographer, designer, and cotton candy maker!  I am so excited she agreed to be the photographer for the shoot.  She really gets my point of view and has amazing style herself.  I thought I would share a few photos of inspiration we were looking at when developing the concept for the shoot.

MNZ Store:  I love their non-traditional editorial photographs.  They are so unexpected and dreamy that make me giddy whenever I get an email from them in my inbox.

Silvae of the Woods:  How amazing is this photo from Silva's S2014 lookbook?  It really takes my breath away.  The print, the dress, the PNW scenery.  What a Seattle gem!

Shop Myrtle:  I follow Myrtle on Instagram, and love their outfit posts.  This photo is from their online shop, but is a great example of their joyful Instagram.  This is a great reminder to have fun while working hard.  Spread the fun-love!

Leah Reena Goren:  I have been drooling over every piece in Leah's shop for the last few weeks.  When my photographer, Cristie arrived for the shoot she was wearing this cute cat tee.  I love how Leah pairs her unique illustrative prints with effortless shapes.  Less is truly more, and that's a fact.