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I am currently on a European vacation with my husband!  I have been instagramming away if you want to see mor pics ( This trip is more of a honeymoon since we eloped in March.  It will be a three week adventure.  We start in Switzerland, then Italy, and fly out of Paris.  

I am SO glad we decided to pack light.  Just a small daypack and a tote/purse for each of us.  I packed a lightweight gauzy top, gauzy dress, linen pants, and leggings.  A few potions for the skin and hair and that's about it!  I left room for flea market finds in Paris of course!


  1. Traveling light is the way to go, I hate checking bags especially internationally!

  2. Yeah I know! Everyone was impressed when they realized we had no suitcases. Europeans are used to seeing silly Americans traveling with these huge suitcases. I like to think we gave Americans a few points on the likable scale.