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Well, I made it through my first holiday season with Pine & Boon! Thank you to all my lovely customers and partners for supporting my small business!  While, I am celebrating the success, I also am so happy to have learned so much.  Let me explain... I felt fairly relaxed in November, since I was out of town for Thanksgiving, and did not offer any promotions because of it. I am still recovering from moving my living space and studio in November as well. Then, there was a big restock order that I completely unexpected. Now, I am writing this having just cried for dropping an order in the mail slot at the post office without a stamp. I literally shed blood AND tears for these orders.  I stayed up until 2am last night, and boy did I learn a few things.  I thought I would share the following tips for other makers and customers who want to know what it is really like to be a maker.

Holiday Survival Tips for the Small Creative Business

1.  Remind customers of your shipping polices.  Trying to rush for a few customers quickly turns into a big losing an order to the post office gods.  Currently, I state on my website every item is made to order and ships out in 5-7 business days.  However, I have never taken that long to ship an order.  But in times like this, sticking to my policy is much needed.  Be clear about order deadlines, and even communicate to stockists re-stock order deadlines for around the holidays.

2.  Do not stay up late working on orders.  This may be okay for makers who paint or make jewelry, but my work is a little hazardous at times.  I use a lot of hammers, razor blades, and a very strong industrial sewing machine.  I sliced through half of my finger with a razor blade, and punched a major hole in the tip of my other finger.  I am typing this very slowly....

3.  Stay on top of supply and material orders.  This can be hard to do if you do not have a a steady cash flow. Twice my  leather supplier messed up my order.  Keep priority mail boxes on hand around the holidays, sometimes the post office runs out.  Change my December order deadline to the 5th, not the 19th.

4.  Get help and prepare stock.  Think about training a holiday intern and get a supply of stock ready and ship orders.   Also, prepare coupons and PR to stuff in each order.  I may not be fast, but I can be generous.

5.  Re-think my designs to make them more efficient.  How can I be more realistic about production but also keep my design aesthetic?

6.  Sacrifices will have to happen, but remember to take at least 5 minutes to meditate and do a little yoga every day. Nothing is worth not taking care of yourself.



Yikes!  I have been neglecting the blog.  I am in the middle of moving so that means my free time is spent working on our house and moving boxes.  We are working wonders with paint in the kitchen right now so I thought I would share some kitchen inspiration.

You may have noticed this napkin set snuck into my shop last month.  This hand painted napkin comes in a set of two.  This would make a great hostess gift for all the upcoming holiday dinners and parties you are looking forward to.



In January, I plan to launch a new selection of colors for some of my bags.  I have a very special launch lined up with one of my favorite online retailers that is full of wonderful independent makers.  Save up your holiday monetary gifts to treat yourself!  Be sure to like Pine & Boon on facebook and follow my personal Instagram for instant details when the time comes.  For now, this is a special preview of the Dot pouch in Electric Blue to match the Electric Blue Suede Tote.

The Bright Side Project is giving away this blue pouch to one lucky follower.  Enter to win here:

Good luck!



This year, I have made an intention of exploring new experiences based on my interests.  This may seem like a simple concept to many of you...but not for myself. I am a passive person, so it is easy to lose balance in this area.  I realized I was not doing much I thought was fun.  I tend to work work work and then just forget what I like to do during my free time.  Foraging and gardening is something that has always sparked my interest.  I love being outside, I love eating good food, and I love learning new things.  Yeah yeah, this is super trendy right now.  But really, why should we not learn how to grow and gather our own food?  Why should we not spend more time outside and learning from other human beings about Mother Earth?  More time away from the screens please!  So...I went to the Mycological Society's Annual Wild Mushroom Show.  There were a ton of people.  Hence the somewhat blurry photos from being bumped and squished by the crowd.

Speaking of doing what you love...mushroom on my list.



You may have noticed new necklaces slowly appearing in the shop....I made these leather and fimo clay pieces with no hardware or clasps for extra comfort.  These days I am all about comfort and practicality.  These pieces are lightweight and will not snag on any of your sweaters. Everything can fit over your head easily.  These are great statement pieces to add interest to a casual outfit or a plain dress.

    CRESCENT NECKLACE                                                                          LEATHER TAG NECKLACE (more colors)



Yay so happy!  I have so many more beautiful photos that I will keep sharing as time goes on.  Thank you Cristie for making this happen.



I am a little late to release a lookbook for fall....but I will anyway....I am still working on getting a layout to work with my website.  This has proved to be VERY challenging.  The template I use is not updated to support a slideshow, so I now need to be creative and display the images a different way. Be patient, it will come!  Better late than never right?

(photo by:  Cristie Schrader)



I am pleased to announce Scoutmob will be stocking a selection of Pine & Boon bags and pouches!  Scoutmob helps customers find local makers with their handy search by city feature.  They have a great selection of makers at great prices.  The Scoutmob team has a really up-beat and sparkly attitude.  When I receive an email from them or read the bio they wrote about me, I suddenly feel a burst of energy!  I especially love this quote:

"The smart sizing, lightweight nature and thoughtful little details delight her customers--giving them a timeless, well-crafted work of art they can carry around every single day."

Click here to shop.  Enjoy!



It has been a bit quiet around here....But all for really great reasons.  I just spent the weekend working on a photo shoot for the website and a look book.  My lovely neighbor (and friend) is a talented photographer, designer, and cotton candy maker!  I am so excited she agreed to be the photographer for the shoot.  She really gets my point of view and has amazing style herself.  I thought I would share a few photos of inspiration we were looking at when developing the concept for the shoot.

MNZ Store:  I love their non-traditional editorial photographs.  They are so unexpected and dreamy that make me giddy whenever I get an email from them in my inbox.

Silvae of the Woods:  How amazing is this photo from Silva's S2014 lookbook?  It really takes my breath away.  The print, the dress, the PNW scenery.  What a Seattle gem!

Shop Myrtle:  I follow Myrtle on Instagram, and love their outfit posts.  This photo is from their online shop, but is a great example of their joyful Instagram.  This is a great reminder to have fun while working hard.  Spread the fun-love!

Leah Reena Goren:  I have been drooling over every piece in Leah's shop for the last few weeks.  When my photographer, Cristie arrived for the shoot she was wearing this cute cat tee.  I love how Leah pairs her unique illustrative prints with effortless shapes.  Less is truly more, and that's a fact.



Before you ask....yes I do know this photo is blurry and the other is upside down.  I also know the header on my blog is not centered for some reason.  I also know I have horrible grammar and spelling, and probably should never write on a blog. Sharing these photos is a celebration of beauty and appreciation for the imperfect.  I am very thankful for family and friends to help me with my imperfections and keep moving forward.

This past week, I have been messing around with test shots in the studio for an upcoming photo shoot.  I am testing different garments and color combinations to get an idea of what looks best with my bags.  These photos came out of the batch of tests.   I am a very intuitive person, which means I tend to trust in my initial feelings and plans regardless of trend or pressures.  But...then the second guessing ALWAYS creeps in.  I have been feeling blurry and upside down these past few weeks.  But the fact that I am writing this post does help the blur become more clear.



I have to admit the studio is a little slow these days.  The bright side is I can focus on the business side of production.  I have time to refine my ideas, set goals, and plan ahead for fall.  Right now I am trying to pull fall color inspiration for an upcoming photo shoot.  These dried flowers were collected on my honeymoon in Europe.  The lighter thistle and wheat looking are from Arles, France, where Van Gogh made alot of his paintings.  The yellow and blue flowers are from the Swiss Alps where we went hiking.  The fern is from Murren, our homebase village in the Alps.  The purple/blue bells are from Versailles, France, just outside Marie Antoinette's country "farm."  



You may be wondering how I hand paint the linings of the leather bags and the fabric for the Easy Circle Tote.  Here are a few shots I took during the process.  Originally, I intended to switch to silkscreening to make the process quicker, but I am still hand painting everything.  The amount of time and money to figure out how to silkscreen would not be worth the hassle right now.  I know how to paint, so I can stick with that for now.  As a one woman studio, I need to save my time and money for many other aspects of my business. I also realized hand painting fabrics is one of the most enjoyable aspects of making my bags.  So for now, I am happy keeping this painting assembly line the way it is.



When:  Enter to win now!  Winner will be randomly selected Monday, August 5th.  This giveaway is now closed.  
How:  Leave your name, email address, and comments on the giveaway post on

The lovely ladies Andie & Emily are kind enough to be hosting a Pine & Boon giveaway on their blog, Assemble Shop & Studio.  Andie also had time to interview me about my studio and business.  You can take a look on their blog.

A while back I took an online business class from Andie.  You can read more about it here.  I really admire Andie and Emily's shop.  Their shop is full of fun crafting kits, books, and more.  You should take a look if you are not familiar with them.  They have great prices, and would make great gifts for any gal wanting to get her craft on!



I am going camping with a bunch of friends at Mt. Rainier National Park this weekend.  I was there two weekends ago with my husband, and am glad to be going back.  I had a few ideas for a product shoot out there too.  Looking forward to hanging out in the woods all day long.  Scroll down for a few links for the weekend.

BOON COMPANIONS:    favorable links for the weekend.

Seattle Mag did a great feature on one of my stockists, and they mentioned Pine & Boon!

+ I really relate to Andie & Emily's posts about the challenges and pressures that can sometimes distract you from your true intentions.

+ I would love to host an art-in-my-backyard party like Ermie.  Or maybe while camping!



My bags are currently featured on the home page of the new Moorea Seal shop! (  Not only does this shop have some amazing artists featured at great prices, but 7% of shop proceeds are donated to various non-profits through out the US.  You can even shop based on which non-profit you want to support.  Pine & Boon is happy to support the health and wellness category.  Every few months a new non-profit is chosen and this month it is Our House in Los Angeles.

Here is a picture of me being excited and getting ready for this big order!  Oh and a new color is available in the Dot Pouch, light blue.



Doing final quality checks and finishing touches in the studio these last few nights.  This includes ironing, tagging, inspecting, packaging.  It is really gratifying to finish one thing.  But to finish multiple things at once is a delightful perk of the assembly line.  Most of my work is made to order, but I usually keep a few ready to go.

I am so excited to have my first wholesale order for Moorea Seal's new online boutique set to tomorrow (July 22)! You can see a sneak peek here.   She currently has a successful etsy shop and beautiful blog. She hand picks a selection of artists to be featured in her shop, and I am so honored to be included.   She has an amazing team helping her launch the new store, and I cannot wait to see what all that talent will create.

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Transitioning from a three week vacation in Europe is HARD.   Getting used to no schedule, nobody to answer to, no concept of day or time is dangerous territory.  My husband and I have been trying to hold  on to how we felt, new ideas, and inspiration that hit us on while on our journey.  We have sketchbooks and many photos to remind us and continue to expand upon.  Here is a peek at some lovely patterns that inspired my studio work recently.  Some are old and some are new.

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Working with leather is one of the most straightforward materials to work in regards to sewing.  You cut, you sew, and you are done.  You sew in the wrong place...that's it, start over.  There is no weave for a needle to go through, so once a hole always a hole.  Thus, making mistakes can cost you the entire project. Luckily, I have a lot of scraps to practice on!

I have a lot of work to do in the studio to get my designs ready for the world.  My first wholesale order is complete, but I want to get stock ready for my website.  I cannot give away details just yet, but I will have three designs available.  What I can do is notify you when the bags are available.   Sign up for email updates on my website.  You can also follow my facebook or my personal instagram.



I am currently on a European vacation with my husband!  I have been instagramming away if you want to see mor pics ( This trip is more of a honeymoon since we eloped in March.  It will be a three week adventure.  We start in Switzerland, then Italy, and fly out of Paris.  

I am SO glad we decided to pack light.  Just a small daypack and a tote/purse for each of us.  I packed a lightweight gauzy top, gauzy dress, linen pants, and leggings.  A few potions for the skin and hair and that's about it!  I left room for flea market finds in Paris of course!



I am currently on Swiss time, high up in the Alps.  You can see more photos by following my Instagram (



I just completed my first business class thanks to the wonderful community of Skillshare.  Andie Powers from Assemble Shop & Studio gave a wonderful introductory online class.  It was a great time to reflect and solidify my ideas.  But more importantly it was a great lesson into why like-minded community is important for the creative soul.  I felt motivated and supported by the feedback and support from my classmates.  She also introduced us to Go Mighty, a great online community to post and share your goals and how you reach them.  You should really check it out if you have not already.  Follow my goals here.


I used to paint fabric with my mom when I was a kid.  She used to paint our pajamas and clothing with her watercolor textile paints.  The pajamas I remember most are a pair my brother had.  They were cotton long-johns painted purple and blue with planets and stars all over.  I wish I had a picture to share.  I may have to make pair for myself!


Here she is!  In the past, this 100 year old industrial Singer machine stitched parachutes and uniforms.  In the present it will stich my leather designs.

How did I get here?  Well, I had a lot of fears about starting my own handmade business.  But when I saw this lady, I knew it was time to jump in head first.

I'm in!