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One goal I have for Pine & Boon is to create limited editions with artists I love.  I launched Pine & Boon with artists in mind, so inviting collaboration seems like a natural fit.  First up is, Cable Griffith.  Not only is he an amazing artist with years and years of painting under his belt, he is an educator and curator at Cornish College of the Arts.  Oh, and...he is my husband! Below are a few samples of the collaborative fabric design and waxed canvas for our tote design.  We will be making hand-painted pillows too!  All of these goodies are set to launch in Seattle in May, and on the website later that month.  Be sure to follow subscribe to may mailing list if you want details of when the shop will be open.



I had an unexpected sewing break this week and next.  My sewing machine is broken, and the back up machine I use at a co-op space is also not working properly.  This set back has delayed a few orders and the launch of my spring lookbook.  In the mean time, I have had time to do some leather painting, reflect, and plan for the upcoming seasons ahead.  Hopefully, this week I will have the new machine ready to go. While last week was frustrating, I am currently very happy and excited with what is ahead.
Here are a few swatches/inspirations from around the studio.  I have been feeling the need to be more playful and take a few more risks with my designs, and I think painting leather is the perfect place to start.