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Image:  Painting by Stella Maria Baer / Found via Honey Kennedy

Great relationship advice for all types.

Had fun at the launch of West Elm Local at the Seattle store.  You can now find a selection of my goods there!

After much research and this DIY, I started experimenting with Shibori leather dyeing techniques. 

I ate here last weekend in Portland.  We need more places like this in Seattle!

Congratulations newlyweds...or should I say already wed?  So proud of my city!

I made cod tacos inspired by this dish.  Super yummy.

Excited to see this show at Seattle Art Museum. Oh, and my husband and I are collaborating on a table setting for the Party in the Park event.  Get tickets here.  Hint...there will be indigo.



It has been a fully committed month for me.  I have many announcements to make but for now I want to share a few links for your busy week.

Can you imagine all the waste from the meat industry if there was no leather industry.

Just another day in the studio.

This podcast keeps me going in the studio.

I read about Agnes.

I wish this was in Seattle... maybe I will start one.


Time has really been escaping lately.   One thing I knew going into this whole building a business thing was the sacrifices to be made.  As an artist or creative, usually you have a day job to pay the bills, and then you go home to work on your work.  Except now I go home and work on the business and make stuff.  I am not complaining, just trying to be transparent. Believe me, I am much happier making sacrifices so I can make stuff, over not making stuff. I guess it is just hard to keep perspective sometimes.  It is hard to work hard.  It is not always fun or stimulating.  Just like any other job out there.  So, any of you out there who want to do what you love, try to change your expectations a bit. There will be tears, sweat, and a lot of anxiety.  But you will most likely learn a lot, gain confidence, and continue to cultivate ideas.  The questions do not go away.  But hopefully you start answering them bit by bit.  I am not busy, just committed.

Eroyn Franklin explains this dilemma very well.  More here.