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This year, I have made an intention of exploring new experiences based on my interests.  This may seem like a simple concept to many of you...but not for myself. I am a passive person, so it is easy to lose balance in this area.  I realized I was not doing much I thought was fun.  I tend to work work work and then just forget what I like to do during my free time.  Foraging and gardening is something that has always sparked my interest.  I love being outside, I love eating good food, and I love learning new things.  Yeah yeah, this is super trendy right now.  But really, why should we not learn how to grow and gather our own food?  Why should we not spend more time outside and learning from other human beings about Mother Earth?  More time away from the screens please!  So...I went to the Mycological Society's Annual Wild Mushroom Show.  There were a ton of people.  Hence the somewhat blurry photos from being bumped and squished by the crowd.

Speaking of doing what you love...mushroom on my list.


  1. This is so cool! I guess this is a subconscious goal of mine too (now brought to the forefront of my conscious). I too am a slightly passive person. And I have a unique state of being this year living abroad. AKA more time on my hands. So I want to get away from my computer screen and explore my interests. One thing I've been trying to do is get involved with animal organizations here in Den Haag. They have a Hedgehog Society so I'm pretty excited!

  2. @Allie, Hedgehogs! You have to post pictures. Love it!