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There is nothing like a new beginning to get you to face the facts and yourself.  These last two months have been a roller coaster of emotions, business decisions, and more complicated stuff I will not go into.  However a friend suggested scheduling out my days every week.  What a HUGE difference I already feel with this new work flow!  My calendar is full of time slots that allow me to tackle ongoing projects and deadlines.  Before, I just had a "To Do" list and occasionally forced myself to tackle projects for a full day.  But now I can spread things out in short time slots over the week.  SO MUCH BETTER.  I even have times lots reserved for making decisions and brainstorming about designs or issues in my business.  This is key, because I often tend to think of ALL the possibilities and ideas in the world, and quickly get overwhelmed.  The reality is I need to make decisions and move forward.

This is a great beginning.

In related news, the multi-tasking myth:  Via NYT


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  2. Good for you, Jess! I love the idea of time slots - much more productive:) xoxox