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In honor of Mother's Day my mom is here to review her new Knotted Crossbody bag. Obviously she is biased, but I could not help to be inspired by her recent conversion to Pine & Boon. I hope to continue this series, and I think mom is the perfect person to kick this off. 

Introducing Jeannie, my mother. She is a California country gal who loves the outdoors and has an incredible green thumb. She loves to thrift, make green smoothies, and take long walks with her tiny dog named Mitzie.  She occasionally helps me sew in the studio when I need extra help.

ME: Hi Mom! Can you describe your style in three words?
MOM: Simple, practical, and comfort

ME: You emailed me last week about your excitement after acquiring the Knotted Crossbody. Can you tell me what you like about it? How does my bag compare to other bags you have?
MOM: I especially like that it is a crossbody, and it's light weight with a wonderful look and feel.   There is no comparison after using my new bag I thought to myself ....look what I have been missing the light weight comfort of a handmade bag that I can fit everything I had in the old heavy bags.....there's no going back I am a Pine and Boon only girl now!  I really am enjoying my new bag...can you tell?  LOL

ME: We had talked about how my bags do not have pockets and you were a little concerned about that. How do you feel about that now? 
MOM: I really wish I would have tried this bag out sooner, I like having the small zip bags as organizers, you can remove them to see what your looking for instead of digging around in a pocket, It's wonderful!

ME: What's in your bag? 
MOM: Two little zip pouches (dot and painted) full of various got to have items: keys, cell phone, badge,  mini pad of paper w/pen, sunglasses, and my old wallet that I thought wouldn't fit, but it does. 

ME: When do you wear my bag? Going out, walks, to work, special occasions? 
MOM: I use it everyday, to work, shopping, and going out somewhere special. It really is very versatile.  

ME: You are an expert quilter, how does my sewing measure up to your standards?   
MOM: I never did much sewing with leather and when I did, it was on a singer feather weight which doesn't hold up to the industrial strength machine you use, and are so cleaver with.....I say it looks GREAT to me!

ME: Obviously I am your daughter, but you did not have any of my bags until recently because you said you could not decide what style was right for you. Does the bag hold more meaning for you because I made it?   
MOM: Yes knowing you hand crafted and designed  this lovely work of art has so much more meaning and makes me proud to wear something that you,  my daughter made with such care.   I would love to own one of each bag you make but for now I am more than satisfied to be able to enjoy this one. Thank you for making a wonderful crossbody bag! 

I love to see how customers and friends style and use their bag. If you would like to share your style please submit your photos to seek(at)pineandboon(dot)com. Or tag @pineandboon on Instagram.

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