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Before you ask....yes I do know this photo is blurry and the other is upside down.  I also know the header on my blog is not centered for some reason.  I also know I have horrible grammar and spelling, and probably should never write on a blog. Sharing these photos is a celebration of beauty and appreciation for the imperfect.  I am very thankful for family and friends to help me with my imperfections and keep moving forward.

This past week, I have been messing around with test shots in the studio for an upcoming photo shoot.  I am testing different garments and color combinations to get an idea of what looks best with my bags.  These photos came out of the batch of tests.   I am a very intuitive person, which means I tend to trust in my initial feelings and plans regardless of trend or pressures.  But...then the second guessing ALWAYS creeps in.  I have been feeling blurry and upside down these past few weeks.  But the fact that I am writing this post does help the blur become more clear.

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