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This is my favorite shot from my Spring/Summer 2014 Lookbook.  Thank you Cristie Schrader for the lovely photos once again.  We are always in sync with the mood/style we want to capture, and am so lucky to have her as such a supportive friend and cheerleader.  One thing I have learned this year, is the importance of finding community that is supportive.  While I tend to be a bit of an anti-social due to my social anxieties, my small efforts to reach out have really benefited me 10-fold.  So, if you are thinking of doing or making something new, I strongly suggest reaching out to those you admire who are already doing it and share the same creative goals.  Have you heard of Go Mighty?  It is an online community of goal sharing.  You create goals, encourage others, and see you are not the only one struggling to complete a goal.  It is a good way to stay on track and learn from others.  You can follow me here.

In light of these thoughts, I have to announce making the Mindful Marks Wall Hanging is a meditation in itself.  I really love the long and watery brush movements on the muslin fabric.  I grew up painting with watercolor, and these really remind me of the feeling of painting in a more innocent state.  No anxiety of the end result.  Just the feeling of the color, water, and paper working together.  I hope to keep moving in this direction.

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