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This week is the first I felt like the holiday season is upon us.  Orders start to become rushed, minds are frazzled, and a lack of ability to think about tomorrow.  You really have to keep your head down, take care of yourself, and just do it.

Below are some motivating/fun links that help me take little breaks here and there.

One little break I find really soothing is scents.  I made a little spray bottle with water and 15 drops of my favorite essential oil.  If I am hunched over at my desk with the feeling of doom, I spray a few pumps of my cypress scent in the air over my head and take three big deep breaths.  Scents can trigger certain memories or associations.  For me, cypress reminds me of standing in the woods.

What little things do you do throughout the day to take a break?

Links to get you through the week!

Living simply.

Designing within your values.

I keep looking at these clogs.

Drink this.

Daily reminders.

Go see this show in Seattle now!  (do not bother with the crappy photos online)

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