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The photo above is a picture of my great aunt Olive.  I'm considering writing a larger post telling the story of her dance days in California.  She was also an artist who had more of an illustrative style.  I have this idea to take photos of objects and furniture passed down in the family.  But I am still stewing with this idea, as I am still not sure why or when I would do it.  I am also not confident I would like the photo I take, as my photo skills are minimal.   As objects often are sold, given away, or lost, it would be nice to document them in a book or album.  Each object has a story, good or bad, but a story nonetheless.

Other things I have been simmering with this week....

The lack of women in history.

Most millennials know nothing about properly mending or caring for the things we use everyday.

Speaking of mending, I think I am going to mend some jeans with Sashiko.

Behind the price-tag of handmade.

Obsessed with the boots Emmadime is wearing here.

I want to eat this every day.

Have a great week!  Remember to take your vitamin D if you are feeling the rainy blues.

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