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{page images; Agnes Martin: Painting, Writings, Remembrances, by Arne Glimcher}

This book.  Agnes, oh Agnes.  I really needed that.

This book is amazing!  It is a massive book with full page spreads of her work.  Along with the fabulous biography written by one of her long time dealers, there are inserts that look like notes and letters Agnes had written herself.  I had never read about Agnes' life, have you?  She took a long hiatus from painting at the peak of her career.  She moved to a remote place and then started painting again. She devoted most all of her time to her work, living very modestly.  She struggled with mental illness, poverty, and alienation.  Although, I am not sure she would ever put it that way.  She seemed okay with the way she was, focusing her thoughts and energy on her work in an obsessive way.   Her work is just so mesmerizing.   Painters, in my opinion, air on the side of obsession when it comes to their work.  But I notice this is mostly portrayed as a male painters' obsession in the history books.  But, this is far from the truth.  Women are obsessed too. Not in a bad way at all, just a very unique connectivity they have with their work that is not often seen in other mediums.

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